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The Chateau Eugenie is the end result of a long lineage of winemakers.

According to departmental records, the first traces of winegrowing date back to 1470 when the Couture winegrowers served the Lord of Albas.

It was our great-great-grandmother, Eugenie, who offered her name to the property.

The centuries of tradition and know-how acquired from father to son, combined with the techniques

modern winemaking, allowing the Couture family to offer you

its fine Cahors wines.

Located in the heart of Cahors vineyards area, the vines of Chateau Eugenie symbolize

perfect harmony between nature and wine with a privileged location on the

best 'terroirs' of the Term.

Planted on the terraces of the Lot valley, half-slopes and the slopes of

table land, the vineyards of Chateau Eugenie enjoy some remarkable sunshine.

To help you discover the characteristics of these soils, the Couture family has developed

for you a wide range of wines, involving the three assemblies adapted

varietals Malbec, Merlot and Tannat from A. O.C. Cahors, as well as its 'Côtes du Lot IGP'.

Our vines are grown in the constant respect for our environment.

To limit the erosion of our soils, the majority of our parcels of vines are controlled using grass cultivation.

After a season of loving care, the grapes are harvested in September-October and are converted into wine separately by soil and vine. After a long period of maceration, the wines are then matured in vats and barrels for several months where they are pampered by the winemaker, before being bottled. Finally, when they join your table for your enjoyment, they reveal all their charms.

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vin rouge cahors

vin rouge cahors

Château Eugénie - Famille Couture -Rivière Haute - 46140 ALBAS

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