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Ratafia Eugénie

" Traditional aperitif of the Quercy Region "

We make this traditional aperitif from our own grape juice to which we add some pure brandy obtained by distillation of our wine.


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Name Ratafia Eugénie Ratafia Eugénie
Category Traditional aperitif
Alcohol degree About 15°
Vinification Simply obtained by adding brandy distilled from
our wine to the grape juice
Maturing In five years old oak barrels for 6 to 12 months.
Presentation Available in 'leaning' bottles of 50 cl, packaged in
individual cardboard boxes. In cases of 9 bottles.
Available also in bottle 75 cl "effet biseau", packaged in
cases of 6 bottles.
Cork Natural Cork 'reference'
Service Serve at a temperature of 10°

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vin rouge cahors

vin rouge cahors

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