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« A generous Cahors, with an anbundance of fruitiness and character »

 Thanks to the exposure of its terraced vineyards, this wine bears flavours of red and black fruits, black currant, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, and strawberry that will charm you. Its warm and generous structure makes this wine a perfect partner for the cuisine of the Quercy-Perigord region : fillet or conserve of duck, of course, but also grilled meat.

Name Château Eugénie Tradition
Designation Cahors A.O.C.
Quality Fruity and hearty
Grape Variety 80 % Malbec, 20 % Merlot
Soil Chalky clayey hillsides and clayey silicious terraces
Area 18 Ha
Yields 50 hl/ha
Vinification Traditional, 10 to 15 days maceration in stainless steel
vats with temperature control and programmed pumping
Maturing In stainless steel vats and in wooden stock vats.
Wines are filtered just before bottling.
Sizes Available in :
- Classic half bottle 37,5 cl. Cases of 24
- Evolution bottle 75 cl. Cases of 6 or 12
- Magnum 150 cl. Cases of 6
- Bag in box of 5 and 10 liters
- Others sizes may be ordered
Cork Natural cork 44 x 24 mm
or 'DIAM' guaranteed free of cork taint.
Keeping Maximum 8 years in a wine cellar.
Wine tasting Fruity wine when young, red fruit aroma, blackcurrant,
cherry, woodland fruits, with a slightly spicy touch.
Pronounced, unpretentious flavour on the palate, warm,
rich in substance.
Drinking temperature 16°

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vin rouge cahors

vin rouge cahors

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